Our Approach

Welcome to a refreshing kind of company.  One that develops products that make a sustainable difference! We all work our best to look and feel great.  Until now, the skincare industry has taken advantage of our vulnerability.  We are not all scientists who can easily understand ingredients that we can barely pronounce.  jodiLee was created for a single woman who wanted to feel better about her skin.  It evolved to her friends and family and then their friends and family.  Each product has been designed with passion, care and the promise to serve a real purpose to your precious skin. 

Every product we develop is researched to ensure :

  • all the materials are responsibly sourced
  • fair labour practices are used at every step
  • all materials are eco-friendly
  • is the best for the clients long term health
  • minimum carbon footprint

Trying to Make a Difference

Like every aspect of jodiLee™ by jakit we are truly passionate about making the World a better place and giving more than we take from the World. Many companies talk the talk but this is how we walk the walk :

Eco- Friendly

Long Term Impact

We work hard to ensure all our products that have a low impact on the environment whether in their production, their use, or their disposal. These products help preserve the environment by significantly reducing the pollution they produce.

Carbon Footprint


We have developed deep research using machine learning to score all our supply chains based on carbon footprint performance across four key areas related to enviromental governance, ambition, measurement and supplier engagement.

Fair Labour

Free & Compensated

At JAKIT™ we make sure all our materials are manufactured using labour that conforms to the International labour standards set forth to protect basic worker rights, enhance workers’ job security, and improve employmenr on a global scale.