Vitamin A

Nicknamed, the "NORMALIZER" because it is the only ingredient that can reverse an aging skin cell and make it healthy again.


Fresh to Order

Would you buy a bag of spinach that had a 5 year expiry date on the package? No? Then why do we buy our skincare in this manner?


Science 101

Science doesn't change. Remember the basic principles of Science.  Oil and Water don't mix! What is our Skin made of?  OIL!

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jodiLee™ Made to Order Solutions

jodiLee™ is a Toronto based skincare company that is MADE TO ORDER and challenges every other skin care product line available today.  There are NO beneficial ingredients that can stay fresh (and beneficial) through the process of mass production.  Unless harmful preservatives and chemicals are added to your skincare's nutritious ingredients would spoil through the long processes of production, transportation,  warehouse storage, intense lighting in department store displays and long shelf lives.

Customized Fresh Products

Your "jodiLee™" products are made fresh as you order and is customized to increase your concentration of active ingredients as your tolerance to these, increases.


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